Core Business

Core Business

Innovative ButtKicker® family of products

ButtKicker® brand patented low frequency audio transducers let users “feel “low-frequency sound and are used around the world by leading entertainment companies.

  • 4D Theater


    The Wireless ButtKicker Kit lets Your FEEL the Action and Excitement in Your Movies.

    Get ready for the most fun you've ever had watching a movie at home. Feel all the action and excitement - just like being at a 4D special effects theater. ButtKicker® 4D brings family movie-time to life. Using patented technology, The Wireless ButtKicker Kit connects to your couch or chair and sends the FEELING of special effects, explosions, rocket launches, racing engines, music and much more right through it and the viewers. It's a new, immersive dimension in home entertainment.

  • 4D Gaming


    ButtKicker® Brings Simulation and Gaming to Life

    Feel all the action in your video games and simulators – racing engines, pounding chopper blades, explosions, gun-fire and even that rockin’ bass riff in Guitar Hero®. ButtKicker® 4D brings your games and music to life.