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The Guitammer Company, Westerville, Ohio, is a leader in low frequency sound products and technology.

Its innovative and award winning line of patented ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers let users feel low-frequency sound (bass). ButtKicker brand products are used around the world, by leading entertainment and theater companies in movie theaters and attractions; by world-famous musicians; in home theaters, simulators and for car audio. ButtKicker brand products’ patented design makes them musically accurate, powerful and virtually indestructible.

The Guitammer Company's newly patented broadcast technology, “ButtKicker LIVE!® " enables the “excitement”, “impact” and “feeling” of sporting events to broadcast along with the sound and video. ButtKicker LIVE!® puts you into the action, whether you’re at home or at the event.

ButtKicker Live! technology is available for cable, satellite, fiber optic, IPTV and “over-the-air” broadcast and has been successfully tested with several major content (sports) providers.

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